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In the late nineties and early zero in every second yard there lived a dude, whose father had a pirate tape with “Fights without rules” – a black rectangle without a cover, therefore, it was possible to determine that it was “Fights …” only by a crooked label. According to the dude, on this record, the coolest fighters of the planet fought for the title of the best, so before putting the cassette in the video recorder, we were anticipating the spectacle in the style of “Bloody Sport” with Van Damme: the inflated martial arts masters will be thrashed with their feet in a jump (such a blow was a special fetish, because no one in the yard was working), and ideally someone else would break their necks. The video recorder was buzzing, swallowing the tape, and we didn’t even know how wrong it was.

No Van Damme was there. We doubted that it was even possible to determine the best fighter in the world without him. The line between action heroes and real martial arts masters in the era of video salons was erased: everyone firmly believed that Jackie Chan was first of all a world champion in something very cool and only then an actor. But instead of at least some of the heroes of those times of the fighters, untidy bellied men went into a strange cage. You immediately felt deceived: no muscle, no tan, and no memorable faces. But there was no way back: he took the cassette – look until the end, you’ll not offer a new one.

In the first duel, a bald man with blurred tattoos on his shoulders knocked out his teeth for a half-minute for half a minute: he was lying down, his leg was ugly, and the commentator joked that one of the teeth rolled under his desk (from the thought that it might not have been joke, still somehow not on its own). When the pumped up American went into the cage against a puny Brazilian, everything was clear for us: the Brazilian would be beaten, with no options. But he threw an American on the floor, the fussing that was usual for the tournament began, and after a few seconds the big man gave up. It was a little disappointing, but there was nothing left but to go over and cheer for the Brazilian – the guy is not easy, since he defeated such a machine. It was the initial world of the UFC and now we will talk about one of the best fighters in the world.

The legendary fighter Ken Shamrock, nicknamed “The most dangerous man in the world”, celebrated his 50 years.

General information

  • Full name: Ken Shamrock
  • Nickname: The most dangerous person in the world
  • Citizenship: USA
  • Date of birth: February 11, 1964 (50 years)
  • A place of birth: Macon, GA, USA
  • Accommodation: Reno, NV, USA
  • Height: 183 cm
  • Weight category: Heavy weight, Light heavyweight
  • Arm span: 177 cm
  • Career: 1993 — nowadays
  • Team: Lion’s den
  • Trainer: Masakatsu Funaki
  • Statistics in mixed martial arts: Fight – 45, Victories – 28, Knockout – 2, Defeats – 15

Ken Shamrock UFC player was born in 1964 in Macon (Georgia, USA). Ken’s real surname is Kilpatrick. The future fighter grew up an orphan. At the age of 13, he went to a juvenile correctional facility for petty hooliganism. After that, he was adopted by Californian scholar Robert Shamrock, who instilled a little hooligan love for sports and martial arts. The young man became stupidly engaged in freestyle wrestling as a schoolboy. After graduation, he decided to try himself in wrestling. Ken Shamrock spoke in international organizations such as SAPW, TNAW, and WWF. In this sport he has achieved great success. Later, he noticed the WWE organization, thanks to which Shamrock became famous in the USA. Here he becomes the Intercontinental champion, won the team tournament with Big Bossman. In 1998, she was recognized as the King of the Cross.

Coaching career

Shamrock practiced MMA and at the same time was a trainer. In 1994, he created his own fight club under the title “Lion’s Den”. Here were the famous UFC fighters like Oleg Taktar, Maurice Smith, Frank Shamrock and others.

Personal life

Ken Shamrock was married twice. He educates seven children together with his second wife Tonya. Ken has a younger brother Frank Shamrock (UFC heavyweight champion).

Life before wrestling

Ken Shamrock had a troublesome youth. He was conceived in Georgia. His genuine name is Kenneth Wayne Kilpatrick. The dad scarcely observed his child, and the mother couldn’t monitor Ken and his two more seasoned siblings, so all the time Ken and his siblings were unattended and frequently got into battles with other youngsters. At the point when Ken was five years of age, his mom separated from his dad and wedded Bob Nense. This man did not realize how to bring up kids legitimately, so he frequently utilized a belt in his childhood. That is, the youngsters were really relinquished – the Ken siblings started exploring different avenues regarding drugs. When he was ten, Ken fled out of the blue, and when he was thirteen years of age, Bob tossed him and his two siblings out of the house. At that point Ken came to Bob Shamrock – this man had a farm, where he worked with issue kids, helped the kids to stand up and locate a decent spot throughout everyday life. At the point when Ken was eighteen in February of 1982, Bob Shamrock authoritatively embraced Ken, and Ken had a dad, whom he had constantly longed for. Be that as it may, Ken still had enough issues. He changed numerous employments, however at long last Ken Shamrock met Tina Ramirez, whom he wedded in 1988. Also, Ken before long turned into a dad.

First fight

Shamrock started his profession in the equivalent 1988th year. At first he was prepared by Buzz Sawyer in his Academy, and after that he prepared with Nelson Royale at the ACW School in which he started later to perform. Ken likewise attempted his hand at battling for cash to acquire a living and won three battles out of everybody. ACW shut in 1988, and in this manner Ken started working for the South Atlantic Professional Wrestling Federation. At first, he performed under the name Wayne Shamrock, and his administrator was Number One, Paul Jones. Ken won his previously broadcast coordinate in a flash, holding his adversary after Belly-To-Belly Suplex. At that point, in any case, he wound up fragile and started performing under the name “Mr. Wrestling” Vince Torelli. In 1991, Shamrock won in February in the last of the competition for the principle title of the Federation of Chris Chevis.

However, all things considered, the principal phase of Ken Shamrock’s wrestling profession reached an end. Before long, Masakatsu Funaki and Minoru Suzuki opened their league for battles without tenets, having some expertise in wrestling in doorman, tosses and catches and Ken Shamrock was offered a spot in this alliance. So Ken started to prepare and improve his expertise. In September, Funaki and Suzuki made the Pancrase Federation, and Ken Shamrock was among them, prepared to astonish and vanquish, which he did by crushing Funaki in the fundamental match of the show. Ken proceeded with his line of triumphs by vanquishing Yoshiki Tahakasshi and Yusuke Fuke, at that point Ken started performing in the UFC (Ultimate Fighting Championship). In November 1993, Ken won Pat Smith, and after that lost to Royas Grace in the finals of one of the competitions. Beauty’s annihilation strongly affected Ken, and he started to lose in his local Pankrace.

First Minore Suzuki was, and after that there was Frank “The Beast” Lobman in a kick-bout. Shamrock came back to the UFC on the UFC III show to participate in the following competition. However he flew out of the competition because of damage. In any case, that didn’t prevent Ken from proceeding with his exercises to overcome Grace. Then, in Pankrais, the time had come to distinguish King Pankrais. Appropriately, the competition was held. Ken’s first rival was Alex Cook, whom Ken won in 1 minute and 31 seconds. The following casualty of Ken was Maurice Smith, whom Ken additionally won with no issues. In the elimination rounds, Ken vanquished his old companion Masu Funaki. Lastly, Ken Shamrock vanquished Manabu Yamada in the most troublesome 30-minute last, as indicated by the ref’s choice (3-0). Thus Ken turned into the primary lord of Pankrais.

Shamrock effectively guarded his title of King against Leon Dizhka and Bas Rotenna, however lost it to Minore Suzuki, on May 13, 1995. At the UFC V Show, Ken Shamrock at long last battled with his old adversary, Royas Grace. Ken commanded the whole match, yet the match finished in a draw (time – 36.06 minutes). At the 6th UFC appear, Ken battled against Dan Severn for the title of the first Superfight champion. In only three minutes and forty-nine seconds, Ken crushed Severn and turned into the main hero. Shamrock safeguarded the title from Oleg Taktarov and Kimo, however lost it to Dan Severn at the ninth UFC appear (Judges choose – 2-1). Losing Severn for Shamrock resembled a low blow. Likewise, Dan blamed Shamrock for utilizing steroids, and the judges prohibited the utilization of headers and certain punches, at the same time, by the by, Shamrock kept on talking. In Pancrase on June 25th Ken battled against Funaki, yet lost since he needed to stop the battle because of Shamrock’s damage. On December seventh, 1996, Ken last showed up in the UFC on Ultimate, where he crushed Brian Johnson.

World Wrestling Federation

Amid his vocation, warriors without standards, Ken figured out how to open his own school – Lion’s Den (Lion’s Den), where understudies could learn self-preservation and battles without tenets in the style of Shamrock. Ken still runs the school. However it isn’t he who shows the youngsters, yet his sibling Frank and a portion of the understudies. On February 24th, 1997, Shamrock initially showed up in WWF, though as an onlooker. Yet, not long after from that point onward, he marked a three-year contract with the league for $ 1 million. At that point Shamrock gave a few meetings, after which he was designated as an extraordinary match official between Steve Austin and Bret Hart at the WrestleMania 13 celebration, as indicated by the tenets of “I surrender.” Ken worked admirably with his vacation work. On April 7, RAW facilitated his first match in over four years; Ken won Vernon White in two minutes in a no-rule “display” coordinate (no nonsense). After the match, Vader showed up (who had additionally partaken in battles without guidelines), who, obviously, fought with Ken, tying up the fight. What’s more, after a month, on In Your House 15: Cold Day In Hell, Shamrock crushed Vader in a No Holds Barred match, driving him to surrender in the lower leg grasp.

In this match, an inadequately prepared Ken coincidentally broke Vader’s nose in 4 places. What’s more, Vader couldn’t stroll for a few days after the battle. Bret Hart started preparing Rock and Ken Shamrock to improve the aptitudes and capacities of these promising wrestlers. After which Ken started a quarrel with the Foundation of the Hart. At Candian Stampede, the Founding of the Harts (Bret Hart, Owen Hart, Jim Neidhart, BRyan Pillman and the British Bulldog) crushed the Steve Austin Team (Austin, Shamrock, Goldust, Road Warrior Beast and Road Warrior Hawk). The match was great. Ken demonstrated that he had extraordinarily improved his abilities contrasted with past matches.


Shemrok was invited to be actor in films. So, in 1996 came a film with his participation under the title “Champions”. Film description: the brother of the champion before the death after the ban of such, by law, participates in the “gladiatorial” illegal tournaments and dies in the ring. The champion is taking part in the next tournament to get revenge, but after finding out the relationships and interweaving several plots of moves, the “good” participants join together and draw all the power of their hands and legs against the villains-organizers.


Shamrock admitted that he regularly took steroids throughout his career, and stopped taking them only directly before each fight. It is worth noting that Ken Shamrock failed the doping test one day – in 2009, already at sunset.

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