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Today, we will introduce you to the loudest and scandalous confrontations of Ken Shamrock in the history of the organization. These fighters hated each other, and for some Ken is still testing her. No matter what the cause of the scandal was, but such fights always aroused the interest of fans and filled the pockets of the organizers and the fighters well.

Ken Shamrock VS Tito Ortiz

Tito Ortiz could not take just a piece, he wanted the whole cake. And he devoured him, much to the chagrin of Shamrock and the Lion’s Lair. The fuel in the hate tanks of Ortiz and Shamrock was enough for the whole trilogy. In the first meeting, Ortiz triumphed by technical knockout in the third round, thereby confirming the tacit title of “The Worst Boyfriend on the Planet.” In the rematch, Bad Boy Huntington Beach won the same way, but ended the fight at 1:18 in the first round. In the third bout, Shamrock again fell into a technical knockout, this time in the first round (2:22).

Ken Shamrock was furious not only because of the middle fingers shown. “Of course, I was not particularly enthusiastic about this then,” recalls Metzger. “Tito was still a kid then, an idiot. Since that time, he has seriously matured, and I have several times talked to him in a friendly way. I realized that if I worry about it still, after years, then I need a psychologist, and not to anyone else. But it was at that moment that hurt me. My ego was seriously roasted.” And Shamrock was more than hurt. He was already furious about the supposedly early stoppage of the battle, and his middle finger and T-shirt drove him to the limit. Shamrock jumped into the cage and started yelling at Ortiz, who yelled in response. Then Ken was still in WWE, but he looked as if he was ready to cut himself off right now with Tito, he was pointing his finger at Ortiz like a 115-pound school teacher. John McCarthy forcibly dragged Ortiz to avoid fights.

Ken continued his tirade behind the scenes, breaking the table, and waiting for Tito, who refused to apologize. Metzger started it, and Ortiz finished it. “Ken Shamrock is a healthy kid. I’m not sure that I want to make it out with him,” Ortiz said. “His boyfriend talked a lot of shit before the fight.” And I said my word directly in battle. And you saw what happened. I think he is a little angry that I got Jerry (Bollander) and I got little Guy Metzger.” Guards were everywhere, and the UFC seriously feared that the batch would begin. Ken Shamrock was behind Lion’s Den. And Tito had Mark Coleman and Kevin Randleman, who were ready for anything and cost everyone else.

“Well, don’t bother anyone,” said Randleman. – “I am ready to fight anyone, anytime.” Order was restored and violence prevented. But the conflict was far from forgotten. “Do anything during the battle, before the battle, but after the battle, regardless of whose hand was raised, you have to show some respect,” said Shamrock. – “And if you do not want to pay respect, do not show disrespect.” As for me, this lowered the entire event lower than I would like to see it. We are trying to raise ourselves to the level of professional organizations. And accordingly, we must have professional athletes. I do not deny Tito’s abilities, but I can say a lot about his behavior towards me and Lion’s Den. I will not leave the world of MMA until I get the opportunity to go out there and knock out Tito Ortiz – I said. ”

UFC and Dana White were alarmed by the possibility of Ken Shamrock returning to the UFC. And not only had the chance to make a fight of the largest modern star with its largest star in the whole history, but also the most stellar line that warmed up the fight. The fight, about which people have been talking for three years, could finally happen. “We also had that fight at UFC 40 because it was Ken Shamrock, and everyone knew who he was. I think the saddest part in the fate of the age fighters is that, in the end, you are just a guy that everyone knows. I thought that if we returned these guys, we would return the old fans. And when they decide to look at them, they will see the new magnificent athletes that we have. They will see Chuck Liddell, Robbie Lawler and Carlos Newton, and hopefully continue to watch them.”

If there was a duel that could once again bring the UFC back into a rut, it would have been this particular duel. Ken and Tito hated each other, and even the other fighters were intrigued by the possibilities. It seemed to everyone that Ortiz had an advantage in the fight, but the same was said about Den Severn (whom Ken defeated as a submission – approx. Transl.) Ortiz moved a couple of guys from Lion’s Den, but everyone knew that in the hall Ken Shamrock catches everyone on submissions right and left.

Royce Gracie VS Ken Shamrock

Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock were the first real superstars of the early UFC tournaments. These fighters first met in the historic semifinal of UFC 1 in 1993, and then Gracie was able to defeat Shamrock as a submission after only 57 seconds from the start of the bout. Almost two years later, at UFC 5, both opponents met again and this time they fought 36 minutes without identifying a winner. “I do not smoke, I do not drink, I do not participate in parties. I lead a very healthy lifestyle, Gracie says. “I think that today’s Royce would have won Royce 22 years ago. I do not think my opponent can boast the same. I think that today’s Ken Shamrock would have lost to Ken Shamrock, who was 22 years ago.”

Gracie has not fought since 2007, when he defeated Japanese superstar Kazushi Sakuraba with a judicial decision on Dynamite. According to the 49-year-old black belt holder in Brazilian jiu-jitsu, his age will not matter, even after 8 years without fighting. In fact, he feels that he is in the best shape of his life. “I was out fighting? He sets it up as if I was sitting at home and doing nothing,” Gracie says. “I exercise every day. I’m still good and fast, I have a goal, I work and do not miss. This does not mean that I was going to fight, but it also does not mean that I did not practice. It is like a soldier who constantly goes through training and training to be ready for war. He shoots, he runs, he can do everything, he just isn’t at war. This is my case. Now I am going to go into battle. This does not mean at all that I am fat or out of shape.”

Gracie also explained how the idea of ​​a third battle with Shamrock appeared and why it took 20 years to do it. In the main third battle veterans of MMA Royce Gracie and Ken Shamrock held a rematch. The bout did not last even three minutes – the guru BJJ struck his vis-à-vis two knees in the clinch, knocked him to the floor and finished off in the pit. The problem is that the first knee hit right in the groin of Shamrock, but the referee did not see the match. A worthy conclusion for a farce of this magnitude: no one is satisfied, but the box office is already collected. It would be necessary for the guys to organize a fourth meeting, but as soon as possible, until one of them broke radiculitis.

Kimbo Slice VS Ken Shamrock

After so many years, Ken Shamrock re-entered Bellator’s cage in 2015 to fight Kevin “Kimbo Slice” Ferguson. He will enter this fight five years after the last fight. The 51-year-old veteran fought last time in November 2010. Therefore, many people ask him the same question: why did he decide to do this? “I’m trying to put myself in the shoes of people who ask me: “ Why are you doing this? ”I get the same question over and over. And I come to the conclusion that all the same people find it difficult to understand me,” Ken Shamrock said at a press conference.

“In fact, I will not gain anything by returning to the cell. I’m not going to get anything. I hope to live my life to the fullest. I really like what I do. I love sparring, I like to plan a fight, develop a strategy and work with my team to achieve a goal. And as a result, there is no more pleasant feeling than the realization that you won, that the referee raised your hand. I don’t know what to compare it with, but I can never refuse from this feeling, although I understand that I will soon have to leave.” Ken Shamrock had a chance to get back in the cage and tear off a piece of fame, so the MMA veteran prepares for this fight as one of the most important events in his life.

Ken Shamrock VS James Toney

In 2010, legendary boxer James Toney fought a UFC fight against Randy Couture. Five months after a quick and inglorious defeat on the ground, the heavyweight was fired from the world’s largest MMA organization. After returning to boxing, when the fighter by the decision of judges defeated Damon Reed, James Toney is preparing for the second time to enter the cage of mixed martial arts. He will meet with another UFC Hall of Fame member Ken Shamrock on September 23 in El Paso, Texas. The fight was held according to the modified rules, which are very convenient to James Toney. During the battle, the so-called “rule of 30 seconds” acted, that is, if the fight goes to the ground, after 30 seconds the referee must return opponents to the rack.