Ken Shamrock’s Valor Bare Knuckle Promotion

UFC Hall of Famer Ken Shamrock has finally announced that his bare knuckle fighting promotion is here. With decades of fighting experience both in and out of the cage, the UFC legend is set to hit another milestone in his illustrious career with the introduction of a new fighting organization.

Shamrock however will not be the one-stepping into the limelight; instead, he will be promoting his new organisation Valor Bare Knuckle, Inc. and promoting other fighters instead. Just like any other martial arts or boxing organisations, the purpose is to provide an ever-increasing audience with exciting sports entertainment. Who better to promote this new media company than an over the top, highly accredited mixed martial artist Ken Shamrock.

“Bare Kunckle Bozing requires God-given boxing talent…” – Ken Shamrock

The World’s Most Dangerous Man now also hosts the World’s Most Dangerous Podcast. Ken promotes his fight organisation through his podcast and asks the difficult questions fight fans want to know, such as: can Mike Tyson remain a great fighter, if the gloves came off?

Tune into his podcast here on his Youtube channel to hear more from Ken Shamrock and his views on the fighting world. He has some great guests on the show, none of which are new to the world of fighting. These include rivals such as Bas Rutten.

Bare-knuckle boxing and fights are on the rise in popularity ever since being introduced to the general public. It is still an incredibly niched sport – it certainly won’t be for the faint of heart. Bare-knuckle boxing has been met with much skepticism and criticism due to the lack of protective gear and gory battles these events produce. To some however, it stands for the most honourable way to fight – standing toe-to-toe without hiding behind the protective gear. Other promotions might claim it however, this really is as real as it gets.

How to Watch

Download and you will be able to watch these fights from anywhere in the world, as long as you have a Wi-Fi connection.

Bare Knuckle events are also broadcasting through iNDEMAND, DirectTV, DISH, VUBIQUITY, Bell TV, Shaw Communications, Rogers and SaskTel in Canada, as well as Combat Press.