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Ken Shamrock news: Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock caught on illicit drugs

Earlier it was reported that Kimbo Slice and Ken Shamrock were suspected. Now the Texas Department of Licensing and Regulation has published official data. Nandrolone decanoate, widely known in the “chemist’s” environment, was found in the plasma of both fighters, and methadone was also used in the blood of Ken Shemrok in a number of countries in the form of heroin replacement therapy. According to the norms of Texas, the level of testosterone and epitestosterone should not exceed the ratio of 4 to 1. But under the action of nandrolone decanoate, this indicator in Shamrock was 12: 1, and in slices 6: 1. The indicator of methadone in Shamrock was 370 ng per milliliter, at a rate of 300 ng / ml. The fighters are currently suspended for 90 days, after this deadline a meeting will be scheduled where the fighters will try to justify themselves.

Bellator 149 was held on February 19, 2016 in Houston (Texas, USA). In the main battle two fighting legends without rules, Hois Gracie (49 years old) and Ken Shamrock (52 years old) came together. In the second fight of the evening we could observe the opposition of two freaks, Kimbo Slice and Dada 5000. The show set a record for the number of viewers on the American TV channel Spike. The minimum figure during the show was 1,900,000 TV viewers, and the peak fell on the battle of Kimbo Slice and Dad 5000 – 2,500,000 viewers. The same promotion earned a lot of money on tickets, 13,209 viewers brought the organization $ 1,188,951. However, the tournament was severely criticized for its low sports component. For example, the UFC commentator and comedian Joe Rogan advised Dad 5000 after he got into the hospital to lean less fatty chicken and soda.

Ken Shamrock: “Fighters need to be allowed to use doping at a safe level.”

Unlike most opponents of doping, like Michael Bisping and Tim Kennedy, veteran old school MMA Ken Shamrock has his own vision of using steroids. In connection with the latest dope scandal involving John Jones, Shamrock commented on the mass hysteria around the anti-doping policy. “I think everything is very clear here,” says Shamrock. “I have my own position on this issue. I have always believed that this should be regulated. There should be a border where guys can use doping at a safe level, because it helps. It helps your health and your recovery.

I just do not see how they are going to stop what has been allowed to exist for such a long time. Most of all, it infuriates me that everyone wants to make you believe that while all this was going on, they put their heads in the sand, and then, when an incident occurred, they leaned out and said: “Oh, God! I do not believe that this has happened. How dare you! How bad you are! I’m so angry with you! ”And the reality is that everyone knows that this happens everywhere, in almost every sport throughout America.”

Recall that John Jones was removed from UFC 200 two days before the tournament, after a prohibited substance was found in his doping samples, which, according to Cheyl Sonnen, was an estrogen blocker.

Ken Shamrock: “Conor McGregor will die in wrestling”

Veteran WWE Ken Shamrock is confident that lightweight champion Conor McGregor will be very hard if the Irish decide to try his hand at professional wrestling. There are persistent rumors that the UFC star is being offered huge money for appearing at WrestleMania in 2018, so Shamrock decided to warn MacGregor about the danger of such a move.

“Conor MacGregor will not be easy to move from combat sports to entertaining. I can’t say that it is impossible, just Conor is too small to fight with big guys. The guy has excellent abilities, but MacGregor is too light. Guys with such weight in wrestling just fly and have incredible flexibility.

In professional wrestling there are a lot of things that require a long training and go from combat sports to entertainment – not as easy as it seems at first glance. Just to appear there and make the show fail, it will be deadly for him. In WWE, Conor McGregor will not be a dominator, as everyone used to see in the UFC,” Shamrock said. “Conor will be incredibly hard to move from martial arts to entertaining sports. Many people think that playing at WWE is a simple exercise. This is far from true. MacGregor is pretty easy for wrestling. He can be crippled there. Yes, Conor is an incredible fighter, but wrestling is something else. In wrestling, huge guys fly around the ring like acrobats performing incredible stunts. Is McGregor ready for this? I don’t think so,” Ken said.

It is worth adding that Shamrock, in addition to participating in the battles on MMA, for several years performed in the professional wrestling federation. Recall that the transition of fighters from MMA to professional wrestling is not uncommon, soon the former UFC champion Rhonda Rosie should debut in WWE.

Show Bellator 149 showed record-breaking TV ratings

The management of the Bellator organization held its regular show. In the main show bout, 52-year-old Ken Shamrock and 49-year-old Heus Gracie met, and the second event of the evening was the opposition of Kimbo Slice and Dafir “Dada 5000” by Harris. The show in advance caused a big wave of criticism for the selection of the main fights. However, according to Spike TV, this show was the highest-rated show in the organization’s history. The three-hour broadcast scored an average rating of about two million viewers. Peak audience of 2.5 million viewers fell on the battle of Kimbo and Dada 5000. The main battle gathered 2.4 million viewers from the screens. In the category of men aged 18 to 34, broadcast ranked first among all television programs that went on at that time. It is worth noting that the previous record of the ratings belonged to the Bellator 138 show, also with Shamrock and Slice.

Ken Shamrock: “Now I live again, do you understand?

The fight of Ken Shamrock (28-16 MMA) against Heus Gracie (14-2 MMA) is not just Bellator freak show or an attempt to earn on nostalgic fans. For Shamrock himself, it was something more – a chance to live his life again, breathe deeply and remember what it was like to build our sport.

“Yes, it is like … I live again, you see. It was as if I had gone from all this and I did not feel that I had already done everything I wanted. Rather, other people wanted it,” Shamrock said. “So I walked away from all this and was simply unhappy. And then my wife told me: “Listen, since you are unhappy, go and fight again, do what you have to, and leave when you yourself consider it necessary. While the fans want to see you, and you can gather a crowd, earn some money, do it.” So I came back and seemed to live my life again. I do what I enjoy, I earn what I love. And I will do it as long as the fans are happy for me and as long as I am healthy and can compete.” This fight was the third and decisive battle of two absolute legends of MMA.

Slice knocked out Shamrock, Freire defended the title and other results

St. Louis, USA. 51-year-old MMA legend Ken Shamrock (28-16-2) failed to turn back years and crushingly defeated the famous street fighter Kimbo Slys (5-2) in the main fight of the Bellator 138 show. , grabbing the opponent by the leg, took Slais’s back and bound his neck in a suffocating reception. However, Kimbo managed to scramble out, and the rivalry continued in a stance, where Ken had the least chance of killing a healthy counterpart. Shamrock was not afraid of the exchange and was knocked out, missing a few powerful right-wing Slices.

Prior to this, Patricio Freire (24-2) successfully defended his lightweight champion title by knocking out Daniel Weichel (35-9). At the end of the first round, Weichel was close to an early victory, sending the champion to a knockdown and starting to finish with unanswered blows. However, Freyrep came to the rescue by a gong for a break, for which he managed to recover. In the second round, Weichel hurried to finish what he had begun in the first, but he ran into Patricio’s left-to-face counterattack and was knocked out.

Ken Shamrock as an actor: he passed the casting and starred in Never Submit

Ken Shamrock passed the casting for the film Never Submit and played the role of Max in a new film about MMA. The film was shot by Imperia Entertainment, Inc., whose president admitted that he is a longtime Ken fan. James Hergott says that he has been following the fights of Shamrock since his performance on Pancrase, and that he is suitable for the role like no other. He was very surprised at how Shamrock was excited about the idea of ​​playing in this film, and there was not a lot of doubt about who to invite to the role of Max. Hergott believes that Shamrock is well known as a fighter, and now, thanks to Never Submit, he will also be known as an actor.

Shamrock himself also does not hide his pleasure: “I am starting a new stage in my life. I want to develop in new areas for me and this film opens up new horizons for me. After talking with Mr. Hergott, I realized that I could completely trust him. It will be a fantastic film, and I can’t wait to share it with the audience.”